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Kotor Bay Small-Group Day Trip from Dubrovnik - Select Dubrovnik - Croatia


Kotor Bay Small-Group Day Trip from Dubrovnik

UNESCO heritage treasure in Montenegro

If you prefer spending more time exploring natural and cultural beauties of Montenegrin coast than doing all the coast on our regular tour, this trip is great for you. We drive one hour south of Dubrovnik, to the border crossing. After finishing border procedure we drive around one of 20 most beautiful bays in the world, bay of Kotor, with breathtaking scenery of rocky mountains and crystal clear Adriatic sea.  Tour includes stop in Perast, picturesque place famous as a birthplace of famous local sailors, also known as the best preserved Montenegrin Baroque city.
From Perast we take a boat to the artifical island of Our Lady of the rocks.  According to legend, the islet was made over the centuries by local seamen who kept an ancient oath after finding the icon of Madonna and the Child on the rock in the sea on July 22, 1452. Upon returning from each successful voyage, they laid a rock in the Bay. Over time, the islet gradually emerged from the sea. The custom of throwing rocks into the sea is alive even nowadays. Here you will get chance to visit Lady of Rock church and museum. After free time there we drive to Kotor, small town, placed on UNESCO heritage list in 1979, known for the walls longer than 4.5 km and beautiful venetian architecture. There you will have plenty of free time to discover all the atractions of this charming old town. Kotor is the highlight of our trip, if you want, you can climb up to the top of the city walls, explore the streets, monuments and museums, enjoy and have lunch with enoguh free time to feel local atmosphere.. whatever you decide, on this tour you will have enough time.

Duration: full day tour
What to wear: casual wear, hat, swim suite
What to bring: camera, sunblock, bottle of water, passport
Local currency: Euro, €, code: EUR

* - Excursion schedule may be changed in case of unpredictable traffic or other conditions that agency can not influence on.

Tour itenerery:
- Hotel pick up ( from 07:00 to 8:30)
- Drive to the border
- 09:00*- Border procedure
Panoramic drive around the Bay of Kotor
- 10:15*- Expected arrival to Perast,  free time for sightseeing, optional: boat drive to the island of Our Lady of the rock
- 11:00*- Expected departure from Perast to Kotor.
- 11:30*- Expected arrival to Kotor, visit and free time for lunch
- 13:30*- Departure from Kotor to Budva
- 14:00*- Arrival to Budva,free time
- 15:30*- Departure from Budva to Dubrovnik

PRICE: 450 HRK (app. 60.48 EUR)

PRICE INCLUDES: hotel pick up/drop off, transportation, transportation fees, guide

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Entrance tickets to museum (optional), lunch, gratitudes

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